Behind the scenes of British Vogue – Tim Walker – Stripes shoot

Here is the set I did for Tim Walker for the April issue of British Vogue - out now. 
It was inspired by Le Corbusier. The set looks relatively simple, but there was a 
lot of time and patience spent looking for and making the right pieces. The chairs 
are by Francois Carre and took about two weeks to source! The frame and fireplace 
were also really challenging to find. We had to make some of the mouldings for the 
frame so it looked the part. We shot this in November last year and were so lucky 
with the weather - phew!
The set boys had a great time setting off smoke flares. 
You can see how cold it was - there was frost on the ground! 
You wouldn't know by looking at the pictures!
I had to make a parrot perch for Emilio. I made his base 
from glass balls from lamp stands from Argos! The little 
cups either side of him were made from plastic cocktail 
glasses! It's amazing what you can use / get away with in 
a photograph.
Emilio and me bonding.
It was so beautiful.

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