U.S. Vogue

I was asked by Tim Walker to make props and wrap a kitchen and a dining room to illustrate a couple of articles in
American Vogue. The first shoot was about flawless porcelain skin. I made porcelain looking hats, flowers and lots of
birds to look similar to a tea set which had originally inspired the colour scheme and the shot. These were used in the
shot with the model who was painted and dressed (in an amazing dress) to look like a porcelain doll.

The secret was to dip / pour gloss paint over everything. Hey presto - it all looks like porcelain!

A bit of varnish, colour and gold spray paint made the flowers look really beautiful.

Voila! See the final image here.

Whilst we were shooting the porcelain shoot, the rest of my team were in Oxford wrapping everything in sight to create the
set for the second article - mail order - sending food as a gift for Christmas. Now this isn't as easy as you may think
(nothing ever is). Hours of wrapping and attention to detail is the key to making it look believable.

You can see the final images here.

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