LOVE Insects

I couldn't quite believe my luck when Tim Walker asked me to do an insect shoot with him for LOVE magazine
- I LOVE insects!
The shoot was inspired by Arthur Rackham and my wasps were a great starting point! He wanted it all to feel
very illustrated, so we got going and made wings and insects.

Spider - he had to be made a few times - too big looked silly and too small wouldn't have had enough
impact. It took a while to get him right.

Spider being painted.

Holly painted some beautiful wings. It was quite a long process working out how to make them look real and

The moth coat - so beautiful!

The dragonfly hat - it sadly didn't make it in to the shoot, but I really enjoyed making him though.

My wasps - resurrected. This was a very proud moment for me.

Spider in his stage set we built.
The shoot in LOVE is out now and you can see some of the pictures here. Kristen McMenamy was AMAZING!


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