Bombay Sapphire Cocktail Creation!!

I've been very lucky for Bombay Sapphire to choose me as one of their five British Creatives to create an amazing infused 
gin and tonic for the Diamond Jubilee. The wonderful Sam Carter helped me create a transmogrification cocktail..... 
Transmogrification means when two flavours are put together, they create a new one - grapefruit and vanilla = chocolate! 
I must say it's so delicious and perfect for a sunny day. 

See the exciting project here.

And here's the recipe. It's so good!


Zesty Surprise (Rhea Thierstein)


50ml Bombay Sapphire

15ml Vanilla sugar syrup*

10 fresh grapefruit segments

100ml Fever-Tree Tonic Water


Pour the syrup and gin into the bottom of a tall glass. Stir to mix. Add the grapefruit segments. Fully fill the glass with cubed ice then top with Tonic Water. Stir for a final time to combine.


Vanilla pod




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