Hermès Christmas Windows behind the scenes

The journey from start to finish on this magical project was a substantial one. From my original designing in June to the physical start at the beginning of October where production ran until mid December. There were many elements, a lot figuring out and some great people involved.

Thank you to the amazing Andy Knight team who made it happen with their skills and expertise, especially Murray, and my wonderful team of assistants who did an incredible job of making the thistles and painting the insects.

Here are some behind the scenes images and my designs.

You can see the concept and background story for the windows here and the final images here.


Bond Street window taking shape – 5 meters across…


The watercoloured background I painted and blew up for this window. Looks amazing close up!


The original watercolour midnight sky.


One of the other moody watercolour skies for the spider and butterfly window – dawn is just breaking.


Many Dr. Seuss thistles! Made from palm throngs by my amazing team and Andy Knight Set Builders.


Setting up all of the different windows for all of the stores.


15 windows in total. Total takeover at Andy Knight’s!


Lots of painting. Pippa doing a great job here.


My desing for the Bond Street terrace.


The snails were a welcomed addition.

The story for this moment goes as follows: In a quiet corner, hidden away, the stars and the moon finally find a place to rest. The two snails stumbled upon them and couldn’t quite believe their eyes. Night was turning and the stars and moon were retiring for the day.


And finally my design for the floral arches for the UK stores. Hand painted moths and butterflies, dried thistles and twigs to feel like they have come from the same place as the windows.

To see more on these windows you can find the background story here and the final images here.






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