Iris van Herpen / Swarovski Behind the Scenes and Making Of

This was an incredible project to be a part of.

Iris van Herpen asked me to help her realise an exhibition which was to celebrate the 10th Birthday of Swarovski’s Kristallwelten in Vienna.

My initial scaled maquettes illustrated how the designs would be.

I commissioned Tristan Schoonraad and Valter Adam Casotto to create the oversized sleeping head of Iekeliene Stange.

It was a magical process to watch. Over a period of 2 1/2 months she came to life and they crafted a breath taking piece.


I designed the spinners using images of Iris’s dresses photographed by Warren Du Preez and Nick Thornton Jones. The configurations were calculated using colours in a 3D program to understand where the images would fall as the walls were going to be mirrored, which would add another dimension to the installation.

Bernd Weinmayer created this exquisite glass mask, based on a mask Iris designed.


The Installation

The great artists! Thank you for creating such an incredible piece.

See the final images of the installation here.

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