V&A · FOOD: Bigger than the Plate

I was invited to pitch for the campaign poster for the V&A’s exhibition FOOD: Bigger than the Plate and was very lucky to win!

Using the plate as a canvas, my aim was to create different narratives to encourage debate and discussions using the visual translation of, ‘FOOD: Bigger than the plate’. The intention was to make people look at what they’re eating, consider where it might come from and what differences they can make. It aims to make people think about what they might be eating in the future, consider their choices and inspire how they can eat more sustainably.

The series will immerse the audience in a table setting that could be their own in the future and make them realise we all have a stake in the story.

I teamed up with photographer Aaron Tilley who created bold images to clearly communicate the concept of the exhibition.

See the final images here.

Here are my initial ideas where we worked together to create the final images.



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