Bombay Sapphire Cocktail Creation for me!

I was one of five British Creatives chosen by Bombay Sapphire to create an amazing infused gin and tonic for the Diamond Jubilee.

The wonderful Sam Carter helped me create a transmogrification cocktail. Transmogrification means when two flavours combined, they create a new flavour –

grapefruit and vanilla = chocolate! I must say it’s so delicious and perfect for a sunny day.  Here’s the recipe. It’s so delicious!


Zesty Surprise (Rhea Thierstein)


50ml Bombay Sapphire

15ml Vanilla sugar syrup*

10 fresh grapefruit segments

100ml Fever-Tree Tonic Water


Pour the syrup and gin into the bottom of a tall glass. Stir to mix. Add the grapefruit segments. Fully fill the glass with cubed ice then top with Tonic Water. Stir for a final time to combine.


Vanilla pod