These undervalued insects play an important role in safeguarding us and our future.

Protection, invasion or extinction – this is dictated by the fine balance and connection between their fluctuating environment and the ever-changing climate.


There are 55 in total.

39 are currently exhibited as part of a group exhibition, Insect Odyssey at Salisbury Museum, Wiltshire.


They have two metal pins from their feet allowing them to be attached to a surface, giving the illusion they are weightlessly attached.

The wasps vary from the photos due to the nature of each one being handmade.


These are sold individually.

Please enquire for a discount for multiple purchases.


Resin, Gloss Paint, Jesmonite, Wire and Gold Leaf.

Weight: 200 g
Height: 9 cm
Length: 25 cm
Width: 20 cm

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