Lotje Sodderland / Stroke Association 'Heads'

It was an honour to be a part of this beautiful tv commercial for The Stroke Association who are raising awareness of the challenges faced by stroke survivors by placing their stories right at the heart of its campaign.

Created by AMV BBDO, ‘Rebuilding Lives’ is directed by Lotje Sodderland, the mind behind the Netflix documentary ‘My Beautiful Broken Brain.’  Produced by Lief.

The film is narrated by real stroke survivors, Alisha, Max, Luna, Baz, Erin and Paul, who talk directly to the camera about the traumatic experience of suffering a stroke and their life afterwards.

Each story is symbolized in dynamic works of art, with each piece individually crafted and inspired by the powerful narratives, which illustrates the power of art and visual storytelling to convey the intensity of the trauma.

Using artwork enables the Stroke Association to illustrate how a stroke happens and how the impact varies depending on which part of the brain is affected, which could be anything from wiping out speech and physical abilities to affecting emotions and personality.

Alisha’s surreal bubbles and set by Rhea Thierstein.

Lotje Sodderland