The Natural History Museum VENOM Exhibition 2017

This was a challenging project working with scientists and being able to create an interpretation of a fascinating subject.

I worked with Ronald Jenner, the venom specialist at the museum, to tell the story of the struggle between Egyptian Cobra and Egyptian Mongoose.

I took inspiration from a 1901 illustration based on Mr Kipling’s Story – Rikki-tikki-tavi.

Here is a visual I created to show how the piece would look in the space.

I made a miniature of the piece and then had the sculpture created as a 3D file which was then

CNC’d from a model makers light foam to create the 1.5m tall sculpture.

My team and I painted the sculpture and made stencils from string to create the snake’s scales.

The exhibition is on until May 2018.

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Bergdorf Goodman Window for Co. and Yelena Yemchuk

To be able to collaborate with a great company and an amazing artist was such a treat.

Co. asked me to visualise a window for Bergdorf Goodman using Yelena Yemchuk’s art work.

I came up with three different designs and then combined two to create the below design.

Using painted and bleached velvet seemed like an obvious choice for the medium.

It complimented Yelena’s style and gave it a unique end result.

It was great to be able to experiment with materials and processes to create something truly beautiful.

Thank you to the team I had out in Williamsburg!

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Molton Brown Coastal Cypress & Sea Fennel

Behind the scenes of the Molton Brown Coastal Cypress & Sea Fennel shoot.

What a lovely project to work on! Painted stormy sky, water colour rolling waves, barnacles and lots of water.

Great to work with Sam Hofman again and I’ve wanted to work with Molton Brown for a long time.

See the final image here.

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Wedgwood for Peter Jones Window May 2017 – June 2017

This was a very large project to be involved with –  a 20 meter long window in Peter Jones, Sloane Square, London. It was so great to work with Wedgwood again.

I wanted to sprinkle a little bit of magic and wonderment and stay true to the Wedgwood heritage and create an imaginary contained ecosystem where exotic plants grow and incredible creatures fly from all over the globe. I breathed life in to the Wedgwood wallpaper, which is translated it in to the installation.

The design challenges the traditional afternoon tea and links to the beauty of nature and gardens in a playful, slightly surreal and surprising narrative.

The conservatory feels overgrown and brings the outside inside.

Honeysuckle vines will make the foliage feel sculptural and abstract and move away from the obvious idea of a conservatory. I worked with the wonderful Pyrus Botanicals who helped with the sculptural flower aspect of things.

Foxgloves will be growing close to the outside window to make it feel crammed full of beautiful flowers.

Here is the scale model made to figure out the elements and the look of the window.


Go and see it if you can! It’s up until the 15th of June. See photos of the finished window here.


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Hermès Christmas Windows behind the scenes

The journey from start to finish on this magical project was a substantial one. From my original designing in June to the physical start at the beginning of October where production ran until mid December. There were many elements, a lot figuring out and some great people involved.

Thank you to the amazing Andy Knight team who made it happen with their skills and expertise, especially Murray, and my wonderful team of assistants who did an incredible job of making the thistles and painting the insects.

Here are some behind the scenes images and my designs.

You can see the concept and background story for the windows here and the final images here.


Bond Street window taking shape – 5 meters across…


The watercoloured background I painted and blew up for this window. Looks amazing close up!


The original watercolour midnight sky.


One of the other moody watercolour skies for the spider and butterfly window – dawn is just breaking.


Many Dr. Seuss thistles! Made from palm throngs by my amazing team and Andy Knight Set Builders.


Setting up all of the different windows for all of the stores.


15 windows in total. Total takeover at Andy Knight’s!


Lots of painting. Pippa doing a great job here.


My desing for the Bond Street terrace.


The snails were a welcomed addition.

The story for this moment goes as follows: In a quiet corner, hidden away, the stars and the moon finally find a place to rest. The two snails stumbled upon them and couldn’t quite believe their eyes. Night was turning and the stars and moon were retiring for the day.


And finally my design for the floral arches for the UK stores. Hand painted moths and butterflies, dried thistles and twigs to feel like they have come from the same place as the windows.

To see more on these windows you can find the background story here and the final images here.






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Hermès Christmas Windows UK and Ireland 2016

I’ve just finished installing and creating the Hermès Christmas windows for the UK and Ireland and the floral arches for the London stores.

It was such a lovely project to realise and watch develop from June this year.

I took inspiration from Victorian and Edwardian Christmas cards and created something unconventionally festive with a poetic sense of play to celebrate diversity, friendship, relationships, and family. The dioramas feel nostalgic and celebrate nature and its beauty with a festive feel. A little dusting of magic capturing a tender moment which is left open to the viewer’s interpretation.

The windows feel like paintings with paint splatters, brush strokes and watercolour skies.
Each window has a narrative and tells the story of the relationship between two unlikely characters and takes you on a magical adventure from the strike of midnight on Christmas eve in to dawn on Christmas morning.

Thanks again to my amazing team and Andy Knight Ltd who made it happen. x

Photography by Melvyn Vincent.


The Midnight Picnic
These two enchanting characters will be captured just as the clock strikes midnight and Christmas morning has arrived. They drop everything and disappear in to the night,
off on a magical adventure celebrating the turn of day.


The Moonlit Dance
These unlikely friends have kicked off their shoes and dropped everything to have a special dance in the moonlight as we go deep in to the night.


Dressed to Impress
These diverse lovers are having a secret rendezvous. The lovestruck spider is capturing the brimstone butterfly’s heart presenting the
impressive gifts he’s collected.

Night is turning in to day, but the scene is still lit by moonlight.


The Long Journey
The fly and the snail, best friends since eternity, can finally see their destination on an icy hill in the distance, after a very long journey laden with gifts.
Morning has broken, the sun is rising and the voyage from midnight to morning has been a magical one.


Here are the my original designs – watercolour, pen and ink. Such a joy to do!

grasshopper-and-moth butterfly-dance  spider-and-butterfly


See here for more images of the project.


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Hermès Dubai Mall- ‘Nature inspired by Hermès’ – SS16

I’ve been very busy and not keeping my blog up to date…. Sorry.

I recently installed a large installation in Dubai for Hermès. You can see the final images here on my website.

It was a very long project and a lot of hours were spent making and painting with my lovely team. I installed mid January.

Here are a few images of the scale model we made. Looks very similar to the final outcome!









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House or Peroni Artist Residency A/W 15

I’ve been asked to be one of the Artists in Residence for the House of Peroni coming up this month. It’s a very exciting project. All will be revealed on the 29th of October.

See my interview about the residency here.


The House of Peroni will open its doors in east London once again this October, bringing to the capital the most immersive and multi-sensory residency to date.

Opening its doors from 29th October – 25th November at 152 Brick Lane (E1 6RU), the month-long event will bring the heart of the Italian home to London; giving all those who are curious to discover and hungry to explore, the opportunity to experience the transformed space – to eat, drink and make themselves at home.

Entitled ‘Vita all’Interno’ – meaning ‘a life lived inside’ – The House of Peroni residency will welcome guests through one of its many doors to enjoy delicious Michelin-starred food, innovative Peroni Nastro Azzurro infused cocktails and intriguing surroundings, all inspired by the Italian home.


The experience, curated by the Gingerline’s creative founder, Suz Mountfort, and immersive storytellers, Reuben Feels starts in the heart of the home. Guests will enter the warm bustling kitchen and be greeted by delightful smells and a never ending dining table. From there, they will be invited to explore and enjoy the airy laundry room inspired by Italian couture, and try one of Peroni Nastro Azzurro’s innovative serves whilst relaxing in the autumnal covered terrace area.

Welcomed by a series of passionate and alluring ‘nonna’s’ who run the home, each guest will be able to curate their very own personal experience by obtaining a key which will, quite literally, open the door to experiences hidden within the event – revealing a new world where nothing is quite as it seems.

At the centre of The House of Peroni Residency will be a five course private dining experience created by Michelin-starred Sicilian chef Accursio Craparo.


As guests journey through the ever-changing household, alive with the hustle and bustle of daily life, they will discover different bars – each with a range of Peroni Nastro Azzurro infused drinks created by award-winning mixologist at The Langham Hotel, Simone Caporale.

Other creative talent collaborating on the upcoming Residency include surrealist art director and set designer Rhea Thierstein, who is known for her whimsical creations, and Italian paper installation artist, Francesca Signori whose work will also feature heavily throughout.


The House of Peroni takes up residence at 152 Brick Lane, London, E1 6RU from 29th October, closing 25th November.

Reservations for the restaurant are bookable via The House of Peroni website:

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VivaWomen! Showcases advertising’s most audacious women artists at Saatchi & Saatchi London

I was asked to contribute and create an art piece for Saatchi & Saatchi’s exhibition – There’s a Good Girl exhibition for VivaWomen!



‘Nurturing dark and golden honey drips over the suppressing, melted black pitch of masculinity. The tar-conceived Queen Bee portrays the struggle, isolation, and defiance of women today and the vulnerability of motherhood.’

It’s made from bitumen, gloss paint, resin and gold leaf.


VivaWomen! showcases advertising’s most audacious women artists at Saatchi & Saatchi London.

London – Something special is happening at Saatchi & Saatchi London at the end of November, a VivaWomen! exhibition featuring female artists and creatives who don’t play by the rules and refuse to be good girls.  Because good is just not good enough.

‘There’s a Good Girl’ (TAGG) will celebrate art created by women within the creative industries, and offer a chance to view unique work by some of the most innovative female artists working in London today.  It will provide a platform for each artist to make a personal artistic statement, free from commercial diktats.   The exhibition will be revealed at a private view in Saatchi & Saatchi’s iconic Charlotte Street offices, before moving to the Assembly Rooms in Soho, where the work will be on display to the public until the 19th December.

The featured artists are; Alison Carmichael, Alison Jackson, Arvida Bystrom, Cassandra Yap, Hattie Stewart, Jessica May Underwood, Jillian Lochner, Kathryn Ferguson, Malika Favre, Mary Nighy, Michela Picchi, Miss Cakehead, Nancy Fouts, Natasha Law, Pam Glew, Rhea Thierstein, Sara Pope, Soozy Lipsey and Toni Gallagher. These women have created iconic commercial work as well as innovative fine art, either way they are making their mark on contemporary culture.

The exhibition takes its name from the 1980s bestseller written by Marianne Grabrucker. Grabrucker’s book detailed her attempts as a mother to observe the social conditioning on her daughter, and inspire her to override gender stereotyping and “reach for the stars” in order to realise her full potential.

Saatchi & Saatchi’s TAGG exhibition team consists of; Jo Wallace, Shelley Dobson, Suzie Quill, Camilla McLean, Layla Boyd, Lee Sharrock and Lisa Robbins.

VivaWomen!, a Publicis Groupe project which promotes women in advertising, is behind the initiative, and a percentage of any artwork sales will go to charity Plan UK.  Jo Wallace, Creative Director at Saatchi & Saatchi explains how the collaboration came about: “Sarah Baumann kindly invited me to share my story and experiences as a female Creative Director during a Viva Women talk, but what better way to showcase female creativity than with a wider exhibition that has far-reaching cultural relevance? We regularly brief photographers, directors, illustrators etc. and I thought it would be fantastic to invite women in these roles, whose commercial work we all know and love, to exhibit personal work. ‘There’s a Good Girl’ is the result of a combination of skills and passion from the whole amazing TAGG team.”

Sarah Baumann, Talent Strategy Director of Leo Burnett Group and Chair of VivaWomen! UK added:  “We are a creative business, working to engage women for the majority of our clients, yet women are under-represented in creative departments in our agencies which simply doesn’t make sense.  In celebrating the women involved in the creative side of our business we aim not only to inspire female creatives but also to have an impact on the wider industry. The artists involved in this show have demonstrated incredible determination to push the boundaries both professionally and personally and we are delighted to champion such audacious women making their mark on contemporary culture today.”

Exhibition Details:

Invitation only private view on 27th November from 6.30-9pm at Saatchi & Saatchi, 80 Charlotte Street, London W1A 1AQ

The exhibition will be on display at The Assembly Rooms, 8 Silver Place, London, W1F 0JU from Monday 1st December until 19th December. Opening hours Monday-Friday 9am-6pm. Free admission.



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